“Dieting” is not a village in China

grim-reaper_backgroundAnd proper dieting does NOT simply mean “Eat less of everything!” You cannot starve yourself healthy!

Just as the axiom says, “Work smarter, not harder,” the whole idea is to eat smarter… and not just take a plunge into extreme denial.

Caution: This article will save your life.

But it’s like a fire extinguisher; it’s only as useful as your ability to put it into action!

treadmillThe usual related discussion has to do with exercise. People often try to become fit in less than a day, by cramming physical exercise. This works about as well as trying to sleep-cram (and then stay awake for four days straight), or holding your breath too long.exercise-tired


Seriously, who tries bathing ten times in advance to save time later?

Then again, skipping brushing your teeth for a month, and then brushing 30 times as hard just before your dental checkup… does NOT average out. (But it’s been attempted routinely. The dentist can tell the difference.)

hard-workYou cannot “bank” these items and save them for later.

So, sudden dieting doesn’t tend to work, either.

diet-runner_backgroundNeither does speed-dating, strangely enough (I’m just telling you what I heard, okay?!).

As with tennis, golf, and bungee-jumping, lack of a good follow-through can kill you. What you do after exercising (assuming you got that far) counts just as much! So, no “minor” rewards when you know better, like smoking or dessert.

machines_backgroundtemptation-shadow_editedThe order of operations counts too. (Does anyone put sunscreen on after burning? Or do you eat salt after your meal to improve the taste? On second thought… better leave it aside altogether!) So no binge eating before (or even after) exercising.

exercise-hard-choice_backgroundIf taking care of your own body is not a worthwhile endeavour… then what is?!

One friend of mine actually believed that shovelling snow was dangerous, because it “caused” people to have heart attacks… Well, if you try to swallow your entire dinner in just one gulp, that’ll hurt too.

Feel the burn!

External motivation is usually called for, too (as with those who have trouble sleeping too much, please see our earlier article on sleeping in). But at least one exercise “buddy” has to be more motivated than the rest of you, or you’ll just add to each others’ laziness and calorie count!

exercise-choices_backgroundListen, it’s not going to be easy or quick. You only have to do this for the rest of your life.

So that means that you only have to change your lifestyle once…

Dr Paul 🙂

Start early! (But never overdo it.)

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